I’m Mila Holosha.

International Restaurant Marketer, Founder and CEO of Hospitality Marketing Strategies, Author of “More Than a Restaurant: Turn Customers into Fans,” Host of The Restaurant Marketing Insights Podcast.

My passion is elevating the full potential of restaurants and crafting sustainable marketing systems that consistently attract guests, turn them into regulars, and, ultimately, foster the lasting growth and development of the establishments.

After receiving a bachelor’s degree in advertising and public relations and a master’s degree in project management, I started exploring the endless field of restaurant marketing.

Throughout my career, I worked in various areas of restaurant marketing. I created promotion strategies, held promotions, worked with menus, held events and partner programs, launched rebranding, developed concepts for new restaurants, managed restaurant accounts on social media, and worked with websites.

I worked with fine-dining restaurants, fast-casual establishments, cafes, coffee shops, fast food, pubs, food trucks, and cloud kitchens from different countries.

For the past decade, I have been dedicated to helping restaurant owners worldwide take charge of their marketing efforts, attracting more customers, turning them into regulars, and making a significant impact on their guests’ lives.

Why are some restaurants successful and have many new and regular customers, while others must always invent something to increase customer flow?

There are two types of restaurant owners.

The first type consists of owners who aren’t very involved in marketing.

They either delegate this aspect of the business to someone else or consider it unnecessary. Their main focus is on providing excellent food.

On the other hand, there’s a second category of restaurant owners who take the time to understand how marketing works.

They delve into its workings, eventually gaining control over it, and discover a superpower – the ability to directly influence the success of their restaurant. They know what menu items to introduce to appeal to their guests, how to attract and retain customers, and most importantly, how to turn them into loyal brand advocates who spread the word about the restaurant.

The truth is, whether you realize it or not, you are always marketing your restaurant.

It’s not just about advertisements, flyers, and special offers.

Marketing is a broader concept that revolves around three fundamental questions:

  1. Who will come to your restaurant?
  2. Why would these people choose your restaurant?
  3. How will they know that the restaurant exists?

You can read more about restaurant marketing and why your restaurant needs it in this and this article.

Just imagine your restaurant becoming a platform for the community, where customers come every day because it is a part of their lives.

You may have noticed that both successful and less successful restaurants often have the same main product and food quality.

So, why are some restaurants successful and have many new and regular customers, while others must always invent something to increase customer flow?

I have concluded that the point that makes the difference is how customers perceive a particular establishment.

If it is a place where guests can only taste dishes (even the amazing ones), people can easily find alternatives. Customers will perceive it as just another unremarkable restaurant.

Every person needs a place to become the person they always wanted to be – where their dreams come true. And your restaurant can become such a place.

And only you, as a restaurant owner, can achieve this. All you need to do is take charge of your marketing.

Is it possible to achieve this even if you have no idea where to start? Absolutely, yes!

I developed a system that will transform your restaurant into more than just a place to eat out.

With it, you can attract new guests, increase repeat customers, boost delivery and takeaway orders.

The best part is that you can learn how to do this by yourself, eliminating the uncertainty of attracting more customers and outperforming your competitors. You’ll have all the answers you need.

Ready to embark on this amazing journey?

Let’s get started!

In the book “More Than a Restaurant: Turn Customers into Fans,” I described a strategy that will help you make the restaurant a part of customers’ lives.

“More Than a Restaurant” aims to help you move away from chaotic marketing efforts and start building a sustainable restaurant marketing system to get more customers and turn them into regulars.

If you want to learn how to build a real marketing system for your restaurant and stop taking random actions in your marketing, hoping they will bring results, I have great news for you!

I’ve created a one-page Cheat Sheet on “How to Build a Restaurant Marketing System” that will provide you with a clear understanding of what a marketing system in a restaurant is, what elements it consists of, and where to start building it.

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