“More Than a Restaurant: Turn Customers into Fans” is your ultimate guide to transforming your restaurant from just a place to eat out to a thriving lifestyle brand.

In today’s competitive restaurant industry, serving delicious food is not enough. You need to create an emotional connection with your customers and turn them into the restaurant’s fans.

The trickiest aspect here is that you should not only occasionally create this connection but do so consistently and make it the basis of your restaurant’s marketing.

You need to establish a marketing system that will consistently achieve this, and the book contains a step-by-step algorithm that will show you how to do just that.

We will cover the following topics in the book:

Target Audience

The algorithm for determining your restaurant’s target audience and value base.

Restaurant Value

How restaurant value works. Defining the value of your establishment.

Special Offers

How to plan a special offer, what efficiency indicators to consider, types of special offers.

Partners’ Events

What a partner event is, and what partnership options you can use for the restaurant


Common mistakes in menus, dish functions in a menu, and nine steps to info hook menu planning

Partner Programs

What a partner program is, how to use it for your restaurant, partner program examples

Info Hook

What an Info Hook is, why it is essential to attract and retain customers, and how to use it


Types of events for restaurants, how to select an event, and common mistakes in holding events


How to increase footfall in your restaurant


Tools for offline and online promotion that you can use in the restaurant

Social Media

Fundamental aspects of working with social media to benefit your restaurant

Customer Reviews

Basic rules for working with reviews, types of reviews, and how to turn negative into positive

Storytelling ideas and mistakes

Ten storytelling ideas and eight storytelling mistakes

Creating an Info Hook Context

Effective post ideas for social media, blogs, or newsletters to acquire new customers and build a strong community

UGC: Digital Word of Mouth

Nine ways to encourage customers to create user-generated content

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