How to create restaurant content that hits the right notes

You invest time seeking inspiration, crafting ideas, preparing dishes, writing, capturing images and videos, and sharing them, only to receive a modest 10-20 likes in return. Ever wondered why this happens?

In a world where time is scarce and countless messages compete for attention (whether it’s ads or personal messages), the likelihood of someone noticing a specific post, advertisement, or story decreases significantly with each passing moment.

So, how can you navigate this challenge? 

The key lies in delivering value that expands the opportunities for your audience. 

Take a moment to ponder this phrase.

You just need to show your restaurant from a different perspective. 

Shift your focus from highlighting the advantages of the establishment, menu, or special offers to emphasizing the opportunities they offer to your guests. 

To achieve this, understanding two crucial components is essential: 

  • The value your restaurant provides to the customers
  • Your restaurant’s target audience

What’s the payoff? 

In this case, your restaurant appeals not to a faceless buyer but to a specific person at a specific moment, considering precisely their capabilities.

This approach ensures that their needs are met, often before they even articulate them. When a person has a specific request, they know exactly where to turn.

Considering your product as a fresh opportunity will elevate your restaurant to a whole new level of communication with your customers.