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This Cheat Sheet may seem simple, but it is the basis for creating a solid marketing system for your restaurant. It will provide you with a clear understanding of what a marketing system in a restaurant is, what elements it consists of, and where to start building it.

If you want to dive deeper into the topic to unleash the full potential of your restaurant and create a marketing system that will bring customers to your establishment, turn them into regulars, and build a real community around it, I recommend you read my book “More than a Restaurant: Turn Customers into Fans.”

This book covers crucial points for not just getting more customers to your restaurant but transforming your establishment into an important part of customers’ lives, becoming a community-building platform with many real fans of the restaurant.

If you want me to help make your restaurant’s marketing more effective, consider a 1:1 Restaurant Marketing Strategy Session, Social Media Audit or Personalized Restaurant Marketing Coaching where we will analyze the unique situation of your restaurant and choose actionable ideas to truly enhance the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

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